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Tramway Summer Pass

Quick Details

Please Note:

  • You can purchase tickets ahead of your visit online or the day of your visit at the ticket booth.
  • When you purchase online, you will be sent an email with all your booking info and a QR code. Upon arrival you can skip the ticket booth line if you either have the QR code on your phone or a print out. If you wish to, or are having internet difficulties, you can also visit the ticket booth for a physical ticket. We maintain a real-time manifest of all ticket purchases and can look up your purchase with the name of the person booking.
  • You can receive a second day pass at a discounted rate after using your single day pass. This can only be done at the ticket booth located at the base of the tram.
Single Day Pass
Adult Ages 18-64
Senior Ages 65+
Military With ID
Student Ages 12-17 • With ID
Youth Ages 4-11
Infant Ages 3 and Under

Get a Bird’s-Eye View of Wallowa Lake!

With the opening of the four-person gondola in 1970, Wallowa County added one of its most popular attractions. The 3700-foot vertical ascent to the summit of Mt. Howard (8150 feet) is a memorable experience. The exciting trip to the top of the mountain allows you to enjoy the 4000-foot view as the gondola rises above Wallowa Lake Village and the blue waters of Wallowa Lake.

During this spectacular ride, get a view of the Eagle Cap Wilderness area and its rugged peaks. Upon arriving at the upper terminal, you can explore the summit area, enjoying the extensive variety of alpine plants and vegetation along any of the many trails, including the circular loop of the summit trails heading toward the valley overlook, with great views of the Snake River Country.

Interpretive signs and information are provided to make the most of your walk. From this vantage point, you can see into the states of Washington, Idaho, and some claim to see across the northern panhandle of Idaho into Montana. After reaching the summit overlook area, you can proceed along, or you may choose to return directly to the terminal!

If you prefer, just relax and take in the breathtaking views as you enjoy a meal, snack, or your favorite beverage at the Summit Grill & Alpine Patio. Mt. Howard is a popular site for a variety of activities, including picnics, weddings, reunions, hang-gliding, model glider flying, and walking the alpine trails. Many guests choose to hike to the mountain lakes and high basins in the Eagle Cap Wilderness area.

The summit area contains a variety of sensitive plant life and wildlife species. Please help us preserve and protect them by:

  • Staying on the designated trails at all times
  • Bringing all trash to receptacles

Tram Facts

  • Highest point off ground: 120 feet (between tower 4 and 5)
  • Lowest point off ground: 3 feet (between tower 17 and 18)
  • Highest tower: #4 at 74 feet
  • Cable length: 19,300 feet (nearly 4 miles long)
  • When constructed, this tram was the steepest vertical lift in North America.
  • There are 25 towers total, spanning a 3700-foot rise from base to summit.
  • When the tram was built in 1970, the original master plan called for more lifts and a ski area.