ABOUT THE TRAM : Wallowa Lake Tramway


The gondola is a Swiss-made tram, and was constructed in 1970 as the steepest vertical lift for a four passenger gondola in North America. It is powered by a 150 h.p. electric motor – and a gasoline engine auxiliary drive at the base, operating a single continuous loop cable 19,300′ in length. In just under 15 minutes you are taken from the bottom terminal at 4,450′ up to 8,150′ atop Mt. Howard which was named for Major General Oliver O. Howard who pursued the Nez Perce from here in 1877.

The map above is a guide of 2 1/2 miles of groomed trails at the tramway
summit, the views along the paths have been rated the best in Oregon and are truly spectacular. The walks along the paths also give the opportunity to experience a variety of very rare alpine flowers and plants.


    - Highest point off ground: 120 feet (between tower 4 and 5)

    - Lowest point off ground: 3 feet (between tower 17 and 18)

    - Highest tower: #4 at 74 feet - Cable length: 19,300 feet (nearly 4 miles long)

    - When constructed, this tram was the steepest vertical lift in North America.

    - There are 25 towers total, 3700 foot rise from base to summit.

    - When the tram was built in 1970, the original master plan called for more lifts and a ski area.